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Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board

Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board

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The life of a cat is relatively short compared to that of a human. Since cats are part of our family, we can try our best to make them healthier and happier. Then this magic organ cat scratching board is very suitable for cats. It can not only prevent the cat from destroying the furniture, but also sharpen the claws for the cat. It can also exercise the cat's sensitivity.

The things that bother cat owners

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it can maintain its innate hunting characteristics. Satisfy your cat's curiosity.

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This Cat Grinding Claw Scratching Ball choose encrypted and thickened corrugated paper material. High-quality corrugated paper is selected, and the honeycomb-type encryption and thickening type has tight gaps, which is strong and durable, and does not hurt the claws.

Fun and interactive cat toys The cat ball track

This corrugated cardboard material has a little bit of its original papery smell, and cat owners who mind it should buy it cautiously. When you have any problems with purchasing this product, share with us,we will be happy to provide you with a solution.

Features & details

  • Protect furniture: magic organ cat scratcher canTrain cats to sharpen their claws on a fixed scratching board to avoid damage to other furniture.
  • High quality:The cat scratching post is made of high-quality corrugated paper material, which has high density when unfolded, strong supporting force, and is not easy to deform.
  • Fun and interactive cat toys:Cat scratching toy,Suitable for cats who are alone at home, exercise their sensitivity and improve their physical and mental health.
  • Portable and combinable: The cat ball track is folded up to the size of a palm.
  • Do more exercise:This cat toy can attract your cat to do more daily exercise to lose weight and not get bored.

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