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Book Case with Key Lock
Book Case with Key Lock
Book Case with Key Lock
Book Case with Key Lock
Book Case with Key Lock

Book Case with Key Lock

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Book-shaped safe 
Discreetly hide valuables with this book-shaped safe. This safe looks like a book, effortlessly blending in with other books on a shelf while creating a very discreet storage space to keep valuables. This book-shaped safe is convenient for both travel and home use.
This safe is designed to prevent theft, but it won't stop a determined thief.
Lock to prevent theft
Lift the book cover to reveal the safe's lid, equipped with a reliable locking system. This safe includes a 3-digit combination lock.
Storage space
Once unlocked, the safe's lid opens to a spacious storage area. Easily put away money, credit cards, bills, important documents, jewelry and other valuables. This book-shaped safe hides them perfectly and provides easy access if needed.
Blends in beautifully with books
This portable book-shaped safe is elegant and blends beautifully among your personal items around it. The fabric cover and spine are designed to look like an ordinary book. However, the safe does not contain any pages and it is recommended to store it between 2 books on a shelf for optimal hiding.
Material: Metal ,steel
Dimension: 241 X157x55 (mm)(M)
Net Weight: 900g
Dictionary Mini Safe Box Book Hidden Secret Security Safe Key Lock. FEATURES: 

It Looks Like a Dictionary, Actually It is a Cash Box

The "dictionary" Has Added a Sense of Mystery in Your Bookcase

A Place to Store Extra Cash, Jewelry, Etc.

Portable for Traveling.

Diversion Safes Provide the Perfect Hiding Place and Allow You Easy

Access to Your Valuables.

These Unique Safes Allow You to Hide Valuables Inside Common

Household Products - One of the Last Places a Thief Would Think to

Look. Fantastic Deluxe Book Safe, Sturdy Metal Construction, Tough and Robust to Keep Money, Jewellery or Any Other Prize

Possession Safe and Secure Discreetly Perfect for Use in Home or the Office.

Thick Steel Plate Anti-rust Coating,

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