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Hair Twister-Noixoy - noixoy
Hair Twister-Noixoy - noixoy
Hair Twister-Noixoy - noixoy
Hair Twister-Noixoy - noixoy
Hair Twister-Noixoy - noixoy
Hair Twister-Noixoy - noixoy
Hair Twister-Noixoy - noixoy

Hair Twister-Noixoy

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The Noixoy Hair Twister is a completely new hair styling tool that is very useful for twisting hair quickly and easily.
In a few easy steps, create your own stylish curls, which can be held in place later on with jewelry or bands.
Beautiful hairstyles can give you a good mood for the day and make yourself more confident.Use a new way to create twisty & stylish braids. Makes it easy to create beautiful twisty braids in seconds.



With the Noixoy Hair Twister, you are free to try out new ideas in styling: twist and curl all your hair or just a few locks and Let your imagination run wild!

  • Stop wasting time  and money using expensive hair stylists or tools getting questionable results. With the noixoy hair twister™ you'll get professional twists in less than 15 minutes.
  • Perfect for travel and use on-the-go, use it at the comfort of your home or in the plane toilet... but you better have those twists in perfect form regardless. 
  • No more shoulder and neck pain. Forget about hurting yourself while twisting, just secure, slide up, and slide down.
  • This hair Twister can perfectly weave any type of hairstyle. Such as straight hair, curly hair, thick or thin hair.
  • By having your hair twisted, you avoid any kind of frizz and you keep your hair detangled.



How does it work?

The Noixoy Hair Twister™ lets you create twisted and braid effect hair styles effortlessly and with profesional results.

 Choose a lock of hair to curl and untangle it using a brush

Part the lock into two strands Press the button to raise the tweezer(Fig.2) Place the end of one of the two locks under the tweezer and release the button so that the lock is held firmly by the tweezer Do exactly the same to fix the second lock under the other tweezer Line the device up with the length of the strands of hair(Fig.3).

Hold the device slightly away from your head and stretch out the locks of hair Turn the device on to position.



Package Content 

  • 1x Smart Noixoy Hiar Twister
  • 1x user manual


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