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The Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
The Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
The Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
The Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
The Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy

The Smart Hula Hoop

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“I love this hula hoop! It is the right weight & you feel like you have had a great workout when you finish hooping!”
—Hailey M., Nueby customer

Burn Calories, Strengthen Your Core, And Have Fun All At The Same Time!

This new generation hula hoop has a smart auto counting LCD screen and dynamics fat-burning weighted centrifugal ball.

More effective than a traditional hula hoop, this device uses physics to promote a better workout.

Compact and portable, this fitness hoop is easy to take apart and put together with ABS components that easily clip together. It’s fully adjustable to fit any body shape and stays in place comfortably.

A magnetic plate keeps the hoop anchored to your body and massages your abdomen while you work out for ultimate versatility. The plate also houses a built-in counter with an LCD display to help you keep track of your progress.

The focal point of this workout device is the hanging weight that utilizes centrifugal force to spin the hula hoop and stimulate your core muscles.

The centrifugal ball requires only a little force to get it spinning and the hula hoop won't drop or fall down as traditional hoops do.

Have fun and burn calories at the same time with this smart workout hula hoop!

"With this, I can hula hoop for over an hour. I do it almost daily anytime anywhere. This is my best friend. This has trimmed my body, shaped my hips. My stomach use to be big. It has gone down tremendously. I get compliments. Even had friends purchase this item.”
—Alice T., Nueby customer

Hula Hoop Your Way To A Slimmer You!

Innovative Workout: Take your hula hoop workout to the next level, without exerting more energy than you need to with this innovative device. Leveraging centrifugal force, the hanging weight helps you engage your core and perform the hula motion, burning more calories in the process.

Adjustable Device: Fully adjustable to fit the circumference of your waist, this workout hula hoop is easily put together and taken apart. Simply clip or unclip the components together. Share it with your gym buddies or adjust as you lose weight.

Massage While You Work Out: The magnetic plate attached to the front of the hoop anchors the device in place at your abdomen, massaging as you move. There is also a smart counter built-in to the plate, helping you track your progress with every session.

Easily Portable: Lightweight and compact, this workout device can be easily brought with you to the gym, the studio, on a weekend trip or anywhere you need to get a quick and effective workout completed.

Weighted hula hoop for a more effective workout
Uses centrifugal force to move the weight and engage your core
Magnetic plate massages the abdomen as you work out
Built-in smart counter to keep track of movement
Easy to take apart and put together
Lightweight and portable
Fully adjustable to fit the circumference of your waist

Hula Hoop Material: ABS
Function : Thin Waist / Body Building/ Fitness/ Waist Exercise Slimming
Type : Smart Counting
Centrifugal Ball Material: ABS + Magnet

— 1 X Smart Hula Hoop
— 1 X Centrifugal Ball
— 1 X LCD Indicator

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