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Noixoy™ Portable Door Lock
Noixoy™ Portable Door Lock
Noixoy™ Portable Door Lock
Noixoy™ Portable Door Lock

Noixoy™ Portable Door Lock

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Upgrade Your Door Security In 3 Seconds

Whether you’ve got a door with an unreliable lock, or you live in a room rental with no way of knowing who else has a set of keys to your home, here’s the home security gadget you need. It provides an added level of security and protection that cannot be unlocked from the outside.

It’s incredibly simple to use, really affordable, handbag-friendly, and requires zero tools for installation. Secure your doors now with Noixoy™ Portable Door Lock!

How it looks inside the door 

  • 🔐 Super Easy to Install --- Portable door locks need no drilling or screwing. As thin as an envelope, this compact portable door locks latch can be easily installed or removed in mere seconds, making it must-have security and privacy tool while traveling. The metal plate has a hole clip it onto the strike plate while the door is open. Then closed the door, making sure the latch engages. Taking the red key, the metal knob on it's pushed through a corresponding hold on the plate. Then finish lock


  • 🔐 Lightweight and Small - Noixoy Portable door lock come with a nice pouch bag that you can carry anywhere you want, the iron piece is just 5.12x1.6x0.45 inches, the length of the chain is not more than 4.7 inches, and door security locks weigh 4.2 ounces. It can be slipped into most pants pockets of this size, or into a purse without taking up too much room. As easy to disengage as it is to install, our portable door lock is certainly a great choice for the best portable door lock.

how to use the Noixoy Portable door lock

  • 🔐 Strength and Durability - Interior door lock's entire system is constructed from stainless steel and molded plastic. Don’t mistake its small size for its strength, though. Home security portable door lock is made with solid stainless steel and holds a heavy-duty strength. As you lock the door, nothing will be able to break in, let it be a heavy slam or a strong push. As for durability, this door lock is made of thick stainless steel, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion feature back it up against rust.


  • 🔐 Compatible Most Types Doors --- The only requirement for the portable lock to work is a door that has hinges and opens inwards. A little additional security can bring a lot of peace of mind, especially for the frequent traveler. Our inside portable door security lock gives you additional safety, security, and privacy! It is a portable industrial-strength door safety device that prevents your doors from unnecessary intrusion. You can easily get all the security you crave whether at home or away.


  • 🔐 Widely Used Door Locks--- Needed privacy on that place that doesn’t have any lock? Sick of being barged in on while in a bathroom with no lock? Are kids barging in your bedroom door? Needed an easy-to-install lock plus you can bring it anywhere? This Portable Door Lock for security might be the answer to all those questions! Making your house and rooms safe from forced entry. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on it, portable door blocker security lock is very cheap and affordable.


  • 1 pcs X Noixoy™ Portable Door Lock

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