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Push Up Rack Training Board - noixoy
Push Up Rack Training Board - noixoy
Push Up Rack Training Board - noixoy
Push Up Rack Training Board - noixoy
Push Up Rack Training Board - noixoy

Push Up Rack Training Board

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Don't know what exercises to do at home? Looking for a fun and challenging way to stay in shape from your living room?



The Total Push Up Board is an innovative color-coded push-up board a training system that strengthens and sculpts the entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms) while engaging your total core.

The easy-to-follow multiple color pushup positions target specific muscles and promote proper form, which is essential to strength training.

Designed for all fitness levels, this challenging strength and conditioning system combines push-ups with intense calorie-burning cardio, plyometrics, and core exercises for a total body workout.

With 9 intense exercises that use resistance and body-weight training. You’ll get in the best shape of your life—and be shocked by the results.

In just 9 minutes a day, you will build upper body muscle, burn calories, and lose weight. Stay in shape without a gym and add some variety to your home workout.


✅ Color-code system targets each working muscle group

 Develops your chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back while engaging your total core.

✅ More positions, more angles, better results

Premium, non-slip, over-sized hand grips. Simple assembly and storage.

Burn calories and build muscle doing effective plyometric exercises and an ab-shredding routine. Great for sculpting and weight loss!

 Made of durable high-quality ABS material.

 Handles are extremely sturdy and can support any single human body weight while the non-slip silicone protects your wrist and hands from injuries and pain.

✅ Perfect for your home. Ideal for people who want to train their core muscle groups or target training. 

✅ Designed for training both advanced athletes and casual beginner fitness enthusiasts.




Target specific muscle groups when using noixoy Push Up Board's color-coded training system:

  • Shoulders (Red)
  • Chest (Blue)
  • Back (Yellow)
  • Triceps (Green)



Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this push up board is backed by our unconditional return covered 60 days no-risk, any question feels free to contact our service support team.


Board Size: 23.4" x 7.1" x 0.8" inch / 59.5 x 18 x 2 cm


1x Push Up Board
2x Hand Grips
1x Set of Floor Pads

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