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Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy
Smart Hula Hoop - noixoy

Smart Hula Hoop

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Spinning the hula hoop is calorie-consuming aerobic exercise, but first of all, you have to let it stay on the waist and spin it all the time...


We understand that it is difficult for many of you, therefore, we are introducing the Never Falling Slimming Hula Hoops! "Effortless" workout dream has finally come TRUE! 


    • Smart hula hoop will not fall:The be attached kinetic counter would record how many moves you spin the hoop. You could adjust your sports time and intensity according to the LCD screen digit; This really makes your everyday waist workout routine more fun and competitive

    • Size Adjustable Hula Hoop:Package comes with a hula hoop circle,a weighted hammer and two auxiliary belts that can be added or not according to your figure(Waistline Between 23 inch and 41.73 inch),a resistance band as a gift; Easy assembly and easy store; The net weight is1.5 pounds,suitable for women,men,teenagers who is eager for abdomen slim

    • Unique Hula Hoop Easy Hooping:Tie the Smart hula hoop around your waist,reset the counter,then slide the weighted hammer the direction you usually hoop,shake your waist at the same time; A great indoor &Outdoor device to burn calories

    • Safe and Excellent Exercise tool: Nontoxic sturdy plastic material, well-made construction, not too heavy or too light; It stays in place at your waist, so hands-free while hooping; No worry about falling down to crack or hit your legs painfully; Smooth spinning, uniform force, 360-degree massage; Tone your muscles and burn up to 200 calories every half hour! Make a great workout!


    • Hula Hoop Material: ABS
    • Centrifugal Ball Material: ABS + Magnet
    • Hula Hoop Color: Black
    • Centrifugal Ball Color: Orange


    • 1 pc. Hula Hoop
    • 1 pc. Centrifugal Ball
    • 1 pc. LCD Indicator

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