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Wearable Silicone Memo Wrist Band
Wearable Silicone Memo Wrist Band

Wearable Silicone Memo Wrist Band

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Wearable Silicone Memo Wrist Band will tell!

Slap bracelet style 
Keep your notes close and wear your thoughts around your wrist.

Special coating on the band allows you to write with an oil based ballpoint pen
Simply erase with matching eraser. For better using experience, we suggest erasing the marks within 24 hours

Remind yourself simply and quickly by wrapping a brand around your wrist and adhering. We all have those family members or friends who are always late and forgetting important things! They will love their wearable, Silicone Memo Wrist Band that checking off tasks throughout the day.

 It does not get erased even if it gets wet with water. Size is about 1.7 Inch wide, 9.37 Inch long, and 0.3 Inch thick, total 20 ruled notes.

 It was developed for people who are inconvenient to use electronic equipment when working such as medical sites, agricultural production sites, and manufacturing sites, but it is also recommended for people who usually make notes on the back of their wrists or hands.

Product Included

1 x Wearable Silicone Memo Wrist Band

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